Lair of the Tooth Fairy

The Dungeon Below

The Haunted Barn

Coming across this old barn was a treat… until I started hearing noises.  Strange sounds, they were.  Filled with horror and dread.  What dark deed transpired here, I wondered.  But did I really know.  It was getting late; the sun was beginning to dip.  Dare I stay until the darkness invades?  Dare I look under that strangely, though familiarly, shaped pile of hay.  Would you?

Desk Job

I don’t know about you, but this is one desk in the abandoned asylum to which I would not want to be chained.  I wonder what happens in this room when midnight rolls around?  I have the sense that the sound ‘thwack’ of a ghostly wooden ruler across the knuckles would be the least of my worries.  Perhaps I should do an overnight URBEX visit here one night to see what happens. Anyone want to join me?

Four Pillars

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