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A half remembered dream…

It’s been a long time since a movie made me think the way Inception did.  I remember that The Matrix had my mind going as well, and I can’t recall anything since then that got my attention in the same way, though I am sure I’ve just forgotten.  Not only has Inception prompted me to […]

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Jacob’s Ladder

I have driven past this cool ladder countless times in the last several months, always intending to capture it in HDR.  For one reason or another, I never got around to it until today.  When I look at it today, right after having watched the new movie Inception (which I really enjoyed), I thought of […]

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Play ‘Misty’ for me…

I’ve had several folks ask me what inspires my work, even after I posted an explanation in the past. Well, I’m only to happy to share with you the wacky way I think. As I’ve mentioned in the previously, a lot of the inspiration for my work comes from movies I have seen, or from […]

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Slow & Steady Lines

Just back from a fab trip to the Baltic, and I brought this back for you.  While I usually shoot HDR, I decided to try something new for a change… A long Exposure in low light!  As this was a family trip, I did not shoot much at all, but my crew was patient enough […]

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Orb of Eternity

This ever happen to you? You head out to photograph a specific location, and you have s specific “vision”, if you will, of how you want that shot to look once you’ve shot it, post-processed and posted it to the web (or printed it).  You know precisely which lens you want to use, you’ve already […]

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