It’s all under control!

One of the great things about living here in Berlin, Germany, is that you have a LOT of great sites nearby (mostly in what was once East Germany) just crying out to be explored.  I am only happy to oblige. One site I visited recently, in Vockerode, Germany, is about an hour’s drive from my home, and it’s an UrbExer’s dream come true.  As one of very few protected “heritage” facilities, Kraftwerk Vockerode is a superb location for HDR photography (heck, any kind of photography, actually).  Unlike many abandoned buildings, Kraftwerk Vockerode is completely unmarked my graffiti, and has suffered none of the vandalism that has plagued the legendary abandoned sanatorium at Beelitz-Heilstätten, Germany.

I have already posted several shots from this location on in my Flickr Photostream in the Kraftwerk Vockerode set, if you’d like to take a look see, and I do have a few more sets of brackets to process from that same shoot, some of which will show up in this blog.

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Fantastic colour tones!

Thank you, Chris!!

This is great! Really makes me wonder what these controls, well, controlled!

Indeed! I can tell you that, based on my understanding, they controlled 12 huge turbines in the gigantic power production chamber outside the windows. There were several other control rooms in that complex, all of them controlling various key, integrated aspects of this amazing “power house”.

I would like to thank you very much to bring back my childhood.
I grew up in Vockerode,my Vater worked im Kraftwerk.
I now live since 1961 in USA, I remember what Vockerode was like because of the Kraftwerk. Thank you for bringing back memories, I think I go & cry a little now.


I must say that it was very pleasant surprise to read your post. I am deeply moved by your post, and honored that the photograph brought back memories for you. My guide during this excursion had also worked at Vockerode, and she, too, was very emotional, especially when she recalled the controlled demolition of the four smokestacks in 2001. Because you have a personal connection to Vockerode, I now plan to do my next post (tomorrow) on my visit to that amazing site, and include several photographs. Please feel free to pick the one you like the most, as I plan to have a canvas print of that photo sent to you as a small remembrance.

Warm regards;

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