Last Christmas…

When I visit a site to get my UrbEx on, I always wonder who ended up being the last one to turn the lights out before the site was abandoned.  I also wonder whether the last to leave were glad to go, or perhaps a bit… well, sad.  When I run across something like you see in this latest image, I can’t help but wonder if these were remnants of a final holiday bash.  This particular site, the abandoned German military Kaserne at Doberitz (and subsequently a Russian military facility) has a long history, so I imagine a lot of interesting people have cycled through, many of them spending their holidays away from their families while “defending the faith.”  Perhaps these ornaments allowed some of these forgotten soldiers to reflect upon better times at home, in the arms of loved ones.

For those interested in gear, I shot this one with my dear Sigma 50mm 1.4, a great lens to really isolate your subject.  While I don’t use it a lot, it is almost always in the bag, just in case!

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