Slow & Steady Lines

Just back from a fab trip to the Baltic, and I brought this back for you.  While I usually shoot HDR, I decided to try something new for a change… A long Exposure in low light!  As this was a family trip, I did not shoot much at all, but my crew was patient enough to indulge me for this 127 second exposure at sunset on Usedom Island.  This one has everything I like, beautiful light and colors, even lines, and an interesting subject.  I have plenty of ideas about how I plan to blend long exposures with HDR, and I’ll be sure to post some of what I end up with here on the blog.  Oh yeah… almost forgot.  What does it take for a shot like this, aside from a camera that allows manual shooting on BULB? Easy” A tripod, some Neutral Density filters (I used three ND filters stacked together to give me a 6 stops of -EV goodness), a cable release, and a little patience.  That’s it!  Now go out there and try it!


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Great shot. Love long exsposures.

Thanks Tom. I’m hoping to delve a bit more into this discipline soon.

Now, that is what I call long exposure goodness! I have a few in my library which I have yet to post but be sure it is coming soon.

Hey Chris! Look forward to seeing your long exposure work!

AWWWWEEEEEEEEESOME. Beautiful shot, well done sir

Thanks, Phil!


nice shot and really worth the long exposure. I was just wondering why you keep using DDR for your tags? Isn’t it long gone?

Hello Klaus. Thanks for the comment. Regarding the DDR tag, I use it because it is shorter than using former-DDR or former-GDR, and if someone does a search for the term, hey will hopefully find this link and see what I’ve created.