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What have you done for me lately?

I was looking at another HDR photographer’s blog today, and surprised at how “average” his most recent blog post shot looked.  I was about to make a comment, and thought better of it, but I did notice that someone else had already noted as much to the photographer.  Considering that this photographer’s work is usually […]

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Did it really look like that?

The answer to that question, at least in photography subjective. I just started reading David duChemin‘s latest masterpiece, “Vision & Voice”, in which David talks about hearing this question from someone in the audience while he and fellow photographer Matt Brandon were lecturing at the Himalaya Club in New Dehli, India. David’s bottom line answer […]

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Kraftwerksdenkmal Vockerode

I recently had the opportunity to visit Kraftwerk Vockerode, which is now known as Kraftwerksdenkmal Vockerode, and certainly worth a visit if you can swing it.  My guide for the visit, a former East German crane operator who worked at the Kraftwerk until the day it was shut down in 1994, was a wealth of […]

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If Composition is King…

In a recent post on my previous website, I talked about the importance of light.  I plan to rewrite that article, injecting it with more meat, at some time in the near future, perhaps even in the next blog post.  I think it will compliment today’s post quite well, and I invite all of you […]

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Last Christmas…

When I visit a site to get my UrbEx on, I always wonder who ended up being the last one to turn the lights out before the site was abandoned.  I also wonder whether the last to leave were glad to go, or perhaps a bit… well, sad.  When I run across something like you […]

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