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No matter where you are…

I think if I were a poet, I would probably have a blog where I could say what I want to say, poetically.  Sadly, I am not a poet and am forced to use the medium of photography, together with some accompanying text and references to song or movie on my mind. Today was a […]

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American Beauty

So this post will give you another snap shot into how I think, and how I link things in my mind.  First, I’m big into “threes”:  I like movies, music… and old cars. The name of the post, American Beauty, refers to the car, a beautiful 1941 Buick Eight, but it is also the title […]

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Now that the war is through with me…

You ever feel like a tool?  No, not that kind of a tool.  I’m talking about the kind of tool who is used and abused by the system (or the ‘Man’ if you will), only to return for more of the same day after day.  It’s made especially tough when you’ve got half-wits throwing sand […]

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That way lies madness…

…and peril! I’m listening to the Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack to The Davinci Code, which to me seems appropriate for this photograph and today’s post.  I usually don’t like to talk religion, because I know it can be divisive. So, I won’t talk religion, but will instead talk briefly about faith.  Whether it is faith in […]

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Portal to the beyond

One of my favorite photos, both in terms of subject and presentation, is this doorway I imagined as a portal to the beyond. I tried to process the image in a way that conveys the feeling that you could pass thorough this place to a land of enchantment and adventure, and I think if you […]

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