I got a Basketball Jones…

Like the lyrics from the old Cheech and Chong song ‘Basketball Jones featuring Tyrone Shoelaces‘, I sometimes feel like I could go one-on-one against the whole world left handed.  Today, I feel merely… ordinary.  You know those days, when nothing seems to go right.  Mind you, I’m not complainin’, I’m just sayin’!  Heck, I know there are plenty of people all over the world who have those days almost every day of their lives, so I can be thankful.  But can’t we all just have a day to whine once in a while, regardless?  I think so, so consider this my day to do just that.  So what exactly am I whining about?  I’m whining about “HDR block”.  Yeah, you heard me right… HDR block.  No, it’s not the salve you put on when you’re forced to look at countless over-baked HDR images on flickr (there’s no ointment for that), but rather the temporary (one hopes) loss of creative inspiration to produce new and tasty HDRs.  Maybe it’s because my Nikki (my D700) is still getting her spa treatment at Nikon Service Point Berlin (c’mon dear, you’ve been in there long enough), or maybe it’s something else.  Who knows, but I just needed a moment to whine.  Ok… I think I’m all done now. Let’s see what tomorrow brings, inspiration-wise.  Maybe I’ll have my Basketball Jones again!

I got a Basketball Jones!!

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Sweet composition, Jacques. Great foreground, it looks endless. Also, your writing always entertains me.

Thanks, Matt! That means a lot; gives me the energy to keep on… well, keepin’ on!


Hi Mike! Thanks a ton! Cool space to shoot, for sure!

Wow. Großartig, wie geil ist das denn?