It’s gettin’ dark…

…too dark to see!  A line from another of my favorite songs, and the word’s that inspired today’s photograph.  You probably don’t need to read any further to recall that these lyrics are from Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, another Bob Dylan classic.  So many performers have performed versions of this song, and my four favorite versions are those performed by Dylan himself, by Eric Clapton, by Avril Lavigne, and by Guns n’ Roses!  I listened to all four before I went out shooting, and again while processing.  I’m listening to the Guns n’ Roses version (probably my favorite, right after the Avril Lavigne version) as I write this.

Since I already knew the theme for today’s photo, the only thing I had to do was find the appropriate subject to shoot.  I had just about given up for the day, when I came across Käthe Kollwitz sculpture: Mother with her Dead Son.  To me, the sculpture, the space and the lighting speak as loudly as the song’s lyrics.  “that cold black cloud is comin’ down… feels like I’m knockin’ on Heaven’s Door…”

...too dark to see

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Beautifully done.