No matter where you are…

I think if I were a poet, I would probably have a blog where I could say what I want to say, poetically.  Sadly, I am not a poet and am forced to use the medium of photography, together with some accompanying text and references to song or movie on my mind.

Today was a gray day (and rainy).  Yesterday was pretty much the same.  I had a few hours today to contemplate life: my work, my family, my hopes, my dreams.  Off into the woods I went, down to the lake.  It was cold, it was wet.  I stared out at the lake.  How deep is it, I wondered.  And, how cold was it down below… and how dark?  Isn’t that that what life is like?  We wonder how bad it can get before it gets better.  And, we wonder what’s the best we can hope for in life.  When life gets hard, we just want to run… run, run, run.  Where to?  The lake?  And then what?  Swim… dive… deeper and deeper.  Far from it all.  And then I see it before me, like the lifesaver above me at the surface of the water.  There is hope (and rescue).  You just have to reach out and grab it.  It’s there for you (and for us all).  We don’t have to do it all alone.  Grab it, whether it is the love of your family, a friend, or your God.  Don’t drown.  Like the lyrics of the fantastic Smashing Pumpkins song, ‘Drown’, No matter where you are, I can still hear you when you drown.

... I can still hear you when you drown.

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Selfishly, I’m glad you chose photography over poetry. Another great image and thought provoking words.

Thanks, Bob! I think tomorrow will be something less deep.

I was about to write a brief comment, but it was going to say exactly what Bob said, so I’ll expand. If you wrote poetry, even really great poetry, I probably wouldn’t read it because I don’t read poetry. For the most part I don’t get poetry, with exceptions being the metaphysical poets and TS Eliot. I do get prose, and I do get photography, and lately you’ve been doing really well combining the two.

Mark, my man! What a great compliment. So photos and prose it is. I have found that, for some reason, ever since I set up my new blog, I have been able to find great inspiration in the things around me to write about. Still, doing this every day is a challenge, however, so we’ll see how things go in the days, weeks and months ahead. By the way, I’m always open to potential topics for the blog.


Great stuff Jacques. Can’t roll out the words like you, or Bob and Mark for that matter, but I can say that your images inspire me more than poetry would. Well done!