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Towards the within

Here’s a shot I processed while listening to one of my favorite groups, Dead Can Dance (DCD). I’m listening to the song ‘Summoning of the Muse’ as I type this blog out on my iPad shortly after checking in to my hotel. The church bells and chant-like vocals are perfect for this gothic style cathedral, […]

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Starting over…

…again, with a new Muse!  Huh? What’s that?  That’s that little thing some of us believe we need to inspire us to refine ourselves, and I think I’ve got a new one (she may force me to get a little darker, but who knows).  Can one really start over?  I’m not sure that’s possible, but […]

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The People under the Stairs

The thought of something creepy under the stairs has haunted every child, including me.  Eventually, we “grow up”.  We lose a lot of the imagination and wonderment we had that was so much a part of us, the one that told us anything was possible.  I suppose that’s a natural part of growing up, but […]

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Don’t be Silly!

Don’t be silly?  You want to know what that means?  It’s the answer I’d have for someone if they asked me if I would ever be willing to stop photographing urban environments, particularly disused urban spaces.  Not on your life!  I’ll stop shooting such places when they pry my camera from my cold, dead hands!  […]

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It’s gettin’ dark…

…too dark to see!  A line from another of my favorite songs, and the word’s that inspired today’s photograph.  You probably don’t need to read any further to recall that these lyrics are from Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, another Bob Dylan classic.  So many performers have performed versions of this song, and my four favorite […]

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