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Hey folks! Great news. I took a poll recently and the results are in. I asked if folks out there would be interested in learning my workflow, and the responses were overwhelmingly in favor of me showing what I do to create my photographs. Oh,, and you all did not want to pay anything! No prob! I’ve asked what folks suggested I use to record my workflow, and it looks like the program ScreenFlow (for Mac) is a viable option. I’ll need to learn how to run it, of course, so in the meantime let me leave you with this shot from Beelitz-Heilstätten sanatorium, and a video tutorial I shot about seven months ago when I shot the brackets for that same image. BTW, forgive the lousy audio mix (I’m an amateur, after all; I’ll do better next time). Once I figure out how to use ScreenFlow, I’ll create a new video of my workflow (hoping for sometime this weekend).

URBEX HDR Tutorial 1 from fotofreq on Vimeo.

Out of Service

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Looking forward to it, buddy.

Cool little guide you put together to compose your shot and take your brakets. The music made it a bit tough to hear what you saying at times. Overall it was great and look forward to more!

Thanks guys! Yeah, the music was too loud. Still getting the hang of balancing the audio mix.

This is very interesting Jacques, thanks for sharing, and I will look forward to seeing more. Have to agree with Eric though (as much as I love Massive Attack) the music does mask your voice quite effectively in some places!

Nice to be able to finally put a voice with the face. Nice first attempt with the video. Can’t wait to see more.

Love it! Great insight into your twisted little mind. Can’t wait to see the workflow video.

Dude, this is awesome. Thanks for sharing this jacques, it really shows how much thought you put into every shot. That place looks super spooky too.

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