I’ll be a Monkey’s Uncle

I was at the Natural History Museum in Berlin today with one of my daughters and found this hominid starring out at his “decedents”.  Unfortunately for me, no tripods allowed, which I had assumed (so I left that at home).  Sad part of it all was that I was also banned from using my carbon fiber Gitzo monopod, which I had brought along.  No problemo!  I won’t let the man (actually it was a female guard) keep me down, so I set the camera’s ISO to AUTO with a max ISO of 6400 and blasted off my brackets.  I had several tourists staring at me as my trusty D700 rat-tat-tatted away, almost certainly wondering how I could shoot without a flash (or maybe they were annoyed by the report of my heavy artillery).  Get some, monkey man!! Get some!!  Sure there was some noise in the images, but I got the shot I wanted.

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Yes, the D-700 can virtually see in the dark. The alignment software is also pretty amazing. I find that PS will do a better alignment and then use PhotoMatix to tone-map. Take up rifle shooting. Teaches you how to make your own bone structure into a tripod with your elbow tucked into your hip bone.

Very good tips! Thanks, Daryl.

Saw your work today on Brian’s webcast. Love your work!! I especially like your humor above about the “get some monkey man”. Gem of a blog and site to keep my mental edge. I look forward to keeping up with you.