i’m only in to this to…

…enjoy!  Yeah, that’s right.  It’s all about me having fun!  It’s the reason I love photography so much, and how I have the patience to endeavor to create a vision my camera does not have the soul to produce. I enjoy it all!  Photography, HDR, software, gear, blogs, you name it.  I enjoy the act of creating something from merely an idea, and I enjoy getting out there to show to others.  If I were a painter, I would paint; If I were a poet, I would write.  I am neither, but I CAN use  camera and I CAN use a variety of post-processing tools to mold the RAW brackets my camera produces into something interesting.  By the way, I’m listening Björk’s Post album as I write this.  Talk about poetry!

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I like it! Glad you enjoy it!

How did I miss this? Great composition.

Hey fellas! Thanks a ton.

Really like this image, so many lines of various types. Very nice! Just discovered your blog via a reference on Brian Matiash’s blog.

Hi James. Glad you like and very happy Brian steered you in my direction. Hope you visit often and that why you find here continues to be interesting to you. Hoping to drop another cool shot late today.