And the world darkens around me…

Well, I made it to my shoot early this morning, as I had hoped I would.  And, it was not as scary as I thought it would be this time.  Sure, the rooms were dark, but it somehow all felt vibrant and inviting for once.  I have to confess it was actually kind of hard to get into the dark mood usually prefer for shooting UrbEx, but I’m not complainin’.  The shot I’ve included here for you today was of a very dark room, though you can’t tell that from the photo (the power of HDR!).  To put that darkness in perspective, the average exposure for this scene at an aperture of f/8 and an ISO of 200 required an 8 second exposure; the longest exposure for my 9-shot bracket took four full minutes to expose!  That’s why I love my Promote remote; set it and forget it.  Once I pressed the start button on the Promote, I left the room to explore the building for my next shot.  Sweet!

And the world darkens around me...

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I just caught this on Flickr. I really love this shot!

Thanks, Scott!

Love the textures in this shot Jacques. It’s amazing how something so dark and creepy can produce such a beautiful image!

My goodness the lightning and tones are awesome, well done!

Sorry about the last post.
As the light peeked into the room it made the colors and texture on the walls really pop. I think I am becoming a fan of your work.

good god i hate you.
I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. Great work as usual.

Love the little details in this hot as well as the light streaks. Glad to hear it wasn’t as scary this time around

Hey, friends. Really glad you all like this one. It was a good find, as I almost missed it because I was spending more time on the other side of the building and had not planned to venture to this part. Truth be told, I never even made it upstairs, so I’ll have to go back to do that, in any case.

wow! This is incredible!

Wow, this is amazing. Love the light and textures!

I really appreciate your kind words, Jimi.