To the Hive

Today’s image is inspired by the movie Resident Evil, especially since the latest episode is out now (I need to get downtown to see it in 3D)!  For those of you who are fans of the first movie in the franchise will recognize this room as the route through the mansion to the hive.  I have to admit it was pretty cool to walk through this space and recall the scene, when the soldiers of Umbrella Corp busted through the windows of this hall commando style!  Hoo yahh, baby!  I still remember Milla Jovovich’s character, “Alice”, being pulled up to her feet by the special unit commander, “One,” as he demanded, “report, Soldier!”  She had no clue at that moment what was to come.  Once they made their way through this hallway and into the hive, it was game on baby!!

To the Hive

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Yup, this is awesome. ‘Nuff said.

So that’s the actual room they filmed it in? That’s very cool. I love how you didn’t overcook it leaving plenty of shadows. Perfect.

Thanks, Don. Yep, that is the room where they filmed that scene. I even downloaded ‘Resident Evil’ last night to double check. The also used that hall at the beginning of the “Operation Kino” scene in Inglorious Basterds, when the Lieutenant heads in to the great hall on the left to be briefed on the Operation.

LOL, Heath! And that’s all I need to hear, my friend! Thanks a lot for that!

This turned out great. Love the comp and the textures. HDR was made to showcase these old buildings.

You know … I wish just once I could visit your Blog, look at an image and think, “Meh. Its OK”. That way I’d know you were human. But no, another excellent shot.

LOL! Bob, you are too kind. Maybe I should shoot/process something below par and then you can bash it a bit? Nahhhh! I don’t think so! Home don’t play dat! You and Brian do need to make a trip here so we can do some explorin’ next year (shall I pencil you in for Spring or Summer?)!

Ibid what Bob wrote.

One day, the two of us are going to show up on your doorstep with tripods in hands, insisting on a proper adventure.

Oh, the things we would see!! Got a bunch of cool places in mind for that day, Brian!

now THAT would be an Excellent Adventure!

Excellent shot. I need to look into doing some Urbex myself! I really enjoyed my stay in Berlin & Poland when I was there (on a WWII history tour) – too bad I didn’t have spare time to check out these amazing (off tour) WWII sites. 🙂

Wonderful room and light – even better execution on creating this image.

I really enjoy your photos – I have to visit your web site daily, thanks for sharing.
If you could share one tip – I noticed you switched between the 14×24 and the 24 mm TC, what do you prefer?

Hi Richard. Look forward to seeing you here again then. Regarding the lenses, I would say I favor the 14-24 because it let’s me go really wide, and I tend to shoot it at 14mm when I use it.

You are amazing (oops…your photos are amazing! I am sure you are too. LOL I am hooked!