All guns blazing…

When I saw this display the other day at the German Luftwaffe Museum in Gatow (which is a must visit if you come to Berlin), I thought immediately of one of my favorite rock songs from back in the day: ‘All Guns Blazing’, by hard rockin’ Judas Priest!  Somehow the lyrics to that song just fit the scene.  By the way, I’ve seen some of the old footage of these Stuka dive bombers at work over the years, and I can’t imagine the true horror of being at the business end of one of it’s attacks.  Devastating, to say the least.

For those interested, I shot this scene with my Nikon D700 coupled to the amazing Nikkor 14-24 f/2.8 lens.  I used 8 exposures (-4 to +3EV) processed through Photomatix Pro, and finished off the editing process in Photoshop CS5 using the Nik Color Efex 3.0, for the most part.

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wow, wonderful. really love this 3D look, it is sooo plastic. can’t believe, that it is a f2.8

This photo is really amazing. Definitely love your photos and the smoothness you give to them. Is a honor to follow you and your work

Cheers my friend…


Beautiful shot. Love the processing

Hey guys! Thanks bunches for the comments.

Jonas; you’re right about the plastic look, and I had to do some creative post-processing to get it. Reason I chose that look is because the scene reminded me of all the toy soldiers and model airplanes I had as a kid.