And I will try to fix you…

So last night I was working on an image (not this one), and I thought I liked where I was going with it.  Problem is that I have redefined my standards and what I once considered good, is now crap! Thus, I am constantly second guessing my work.  Man I hate that, but I think it is best that way! Like I posted once before, it forces me to evolve…quickly!  So today I was not sure if I would rework the image I worked yesterday, or whether I should process something else; I chose the latter, and I think I’m glad I did.  While working this image, I had no idea what song would be appropriate for the post.  Suddenly it came to me:  the line ‘and I will try to fix you’ from Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’.  Perfect!  It was exactly how I was feeling about my work these last couple of days.  Stuck in reverse.  And the best way to move forward was to $hit-can the image I started yesterday.  Don’t look back; look ahead!  There is no need trying to fix you.  Don’t be too in love to let it go, ’cause if you never try you’ll never know, just what you’re worth! Thanks, Coldplay!

I will try to fix you...

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amazing mate, the images at the windows, looks like paintings and lines lead me to them.

You Rock my friend 🙂

As I let my eyes wonder through this image, a few things caught them. First was the tiles on the back wall. So cool that they are exposed and that some are missing! Second was the light fixtures on the ceiling – they’re there, but not really. The last item was that giant blue thing in the back center. When you first look at the image your eyes are drawn to the posts in the front and the windows, but that thing in the back is begging for my attention. Awesome!

Hey guys! Thanks for the comments. I was digging those tiles as well, so I made sure to keep them illuminated in post. Funny you should mention the picture frame looking windows, Oscar, because that is precisely what grabbed me about this scene. It was as if I was walking into some macabre art gallery dedicated to decay.

I’vespent much of my day backing up old work, including lots of images that I don’t think measure up to my new standards. I’m looking forward to what I might create next, not back at what I’m not satisfied with. Thanks for this post. It’s a great image and a great message.

Do you remember that game DOOM where some pictures appears on the wall wile you played? LOL like that 🙂 but is amazing the effect mate… 🙂

I really like how the expanse of the room gives the eye room to “wander” so to speak. After wandering though, my eye was drawn immediately to the large tank outside. I love the rust covering it! Great shot!