Sink the pink!

Shooting at Krampnitz Kaserne is always a treat.  If you’re lucky, you find something new and interesting to shoot,  something no one else has shot before.  But more often than not, others have been there before you, though hopefully not too many. ;-)  YOU should be the one to sink the pink, right?.  While this particular space has no doubt been visited and photographed by many (clearly someone else has already laid pipe here), I still figure I am the first to bust my brackets here in my own unique way.  After all, I “see” and shoot things differently than someone standing right next to me might, and isn’t that what is so great about all of us.  It does not matter if someone has been there before you.  Go hit that spot again, and revel in it!  You might even consider look at how others have shot the location or subject you have chosen to re-discover, and then it’s up to you to figure out how to bring a your own unique creative interpretation to the scene: different composition, tighter shot, wider shot, black and white rather than color (or vice versa), include more, exclude more, etc.  If you wanna be the “first” to sink the pink, you gotta get out there work it, baby!  It’s your choice!

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Really cool shot. I like the tubes and how the pop out. I So great to let your eyey discovering the scene, the structures and the fine colours. Sehr geil!

Love the details in this shot. Almost looks like a neon sign in the upper right corner.

Jacques – wonderful pictures. My favorites are ones you take with the Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8

Thanks very much, Luis! As luck would have it, I’m dropping another shot from the 14-24 f/2.8 later today!

Thanks Jonas and John, as well, for the great comments!

Wow!! Your works are very inspirational for me. Love them.

Thank you, Jamirawan!