This house is on fire…

Had a few minutes to shoot a couple of sets of brackets (two actually) while on my way back to the house this morning, and I made them both count.  My eldest daughter, who was with at the time, was very patient, but I did not want to press my luck!  Anyway, this is the result of the first set of brackets, and following suggestion from Twitter pal @BeachSidePaul, you’ll see this one today, and the product of the second set tomorrow.  Thanks, Paul, for helping me choose which one to process and post first.

So on to what I was thinking with this shot.  When I shot this scene, I had not actually been thinking of the song to which I ended up processing.  I had actually thought I’d process to David Bowie’s ‘Putting out Fire’, which is one of my all time favorite songs!  But, alas, I wasn’t “feeling” it when I started running the brackets through HDR Soft’s Photomatix Pro.  And then it came to me, Natalie Merchant’s ‘This House is on Fire’ (I’m a HUGE Natalie Merchant fan, btw)!  Worked out like a charm!  For those interested, I shot this with the trusty Nikon D700 coupled to the Nikkor 14-24 f/2.8.  As many of you know, I am a more is better kind of guy so I used 9 brackets for this piece, each 1ev apart.  In post process, I used the aforementioned Photomatix Pro to tone map the brackets, and I used Nik Software’s awesome Color Efex Pro 3.0 for the rest.

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Wow – I love this shot. It’s my kind of picture – very strongly graphical, rather minimalist and packed with amazing textures. Fabulous!

Thanks, Dave! I’d been wanting to shoot that angle for some time, and today was the day. Let’s see what you thing of the one I pop up there tomorrow.

Wonderfull! Simply stunning work

Amazing !!! – I like how the look of the textures.

This is a really great shot, Jacques. Love the angle and the texture is amazing.