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A long, long time ago… in a room filled with Airfix model boxes, glue and paint, I, too, was a kid!  Yes; it’s true! I swear! And, like many kids, I used to LOVE building model airplanes… and then BLOWING them up!!!  Yeah, I was one of THOSE kids.  Running around the Luftwaffe Museum in […]

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Pull Up! Pull Up!!

I guess I really have nothing to say today, other than to note that I went out to shoot some brackets and video (with the built in HD Video facility of the Leica D-Lux 5) for a few upcoming tutorials on shooting with specialty lenses, including the Lensbaby Composer (which I used for today’s post), […]

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To the street below, he just ain’t nothin’

As is often the case, I was not sure what I wanted to listen to today to channel the feelings I am usually after to help me create my images.  In the end, I decided to just listen to Rush’s ‘Moving Pictures’ album; you can NEVER go wrong with Rush.  However, to finish my post-processing […]

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Whispered prayers our last resort…

Was not sure if I was going to get around to posting today, but what the hell!  Might as well post this Judas Priest (the song Night Crawler in particular) inspired dark URBEX shot.  It’s a  freakish looking beasty, and certainly not something I’d like to run into in this old Sanatorium in the middle […]

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You can’t just leave me…

I really do love to experiment with my shooting and post-processing.  For this particular scene, I knew that I wanted to focus most of the attention on the cool looking couch, and the best way to isolate was to use my tilt-shift lens wide open at f/3.5, and tilted almost completely in the opposite direction […]

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