Wildwood Flower

Did I ever tell you how much I love movies?  Ask my wife; she’ll be glad to tell you that, in addition to being a… wait for it… fotofreq, I am also a movie freak!  Say it loud and say it proud!  And as anyone who’s been following my blog has likely figured out, I bring my love for film, as well as my insatiable appetite for music, into my photography.  And, today is no different.  Not sure how many times I listened to Reese Witherspoon’s rendition of Wildwood Flower in one of my favorite movies, Walk the Line.  What a movie, and what a soundtrack.  If you have not seen the movie, do it!  Same goes for listening to the awesome soundtrack.  I can imagine The Man in Black walking into this room and introducing himself to June Carter, “Hello… my name is Johnny Cash…”

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The light is great here Jacques, along with the processing. Love the darkness in the corners, as well as the windows and doors in the opposite room! Great stuff!

Thanks, Jim. I should show you the before processing shot sometime.

150 Cash MP3 files on this machine. 16,633 MP3 tracks total and over 60G. About that much on an exteral drive as well. A lot of it on iPhone. Too bad that the file management from Apple does not work and will never work. But on the PC, all is well.