Mont Saint-Michel.  What an amazing place.  When I walked into this beautiful abbey cloister, I was almost at a loss for words.  It was… beautiful!  What peace and tranquility the monks must have enjoyed in seclusion in this very space over hundreds of years.  All I wanted to do was take a seat and drink in the beauty of it all, but, sadly, we had to move on.  I am very glad I captured it on “film” so I could remember this slice of heaven days, months and years down the road.  If you want to get a sense for how it felt to be there in person on such a beautiful autumn day, take a listen to the album Pure by Hayley Westenra, whose vocals truly do this cloister justice.  I listened to the song Benedictus, from the same album, while processing this piece.

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Outstanding work, as usual, Jacques. The symmetry here is absolutely mesmerizing, very well done!

Thanks, Heath! You may have gathered I’m big into lines and symmetry!

Instantly a favorite in my book! Awesome work Jacques!

Thanks, Jim!! Very cool of you to say that!

Nice work, my friend. Really loving your images from this place!

You’ve certainly succeeded with the symmetry here, this is spot on! I love the peace and serenity that you find in cloisters, being there really does take you back to another time.

Appreciate it, Bob. Not sure how many more are worthy of posting, since it was not a shooting trip and I had to keep moving, but I hope to have a few more make prime time over the coming days or weeks.

Many thanks, Viveca. I was lucky to have a moment to shoot without tourists in the area, though mere moments after I finished, a huge tour group walked in and spoiled the silence!

Truly impressive composition. This looks as if a mirror is splitting the scene in half. Well done and perfectly processed!

This just a killer image in all regards Jacques! I especially dig how you have the contrasting cloisters with light and darks on opposite sides and the exterior day lit court & colonnade center stage. Awesome work my man.

this is a winner shot my friend… simply I Love it… 🙂

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve always wanted to visit that island… Thank you for bringing me a little closer. Lovely photo.

Holy crap this is awesome!

This is just beautiful mate… truly incredible work.

Perfect Symmetry. Another great photo from a spectacular locale.

This is something for me to aspire to Jacques, Super Bien

Just WOW !!!!

Damn near perfect my friend!

Man, this is a dynamite photo…it has all the elements of what a great architecture photo should be.

Absolutely awesome both from a composition and processing standpoint. Would you please post a couple of bad shots to make the rest of is feel less amateurish? 🙂

Hey all! I’m simply overwhelmed by all of your generous comments. This is what makes it all worthwhile, knowing that you guys get a little taste of the beauty I see! Thanks folks, most sincerely!

Jacques this by far one of my favorites. The choice of composition, the battle of light and dark along to the two sides. Well done.