What a relief!

Alright folks.  I know this is a real dump, but I feel deep in my gut that this shot might just bowl you over.  So grab your newspaper, come on in, and take a seat!  I do hope you all don’t feel like I’m dumping too many shots on you from my most recent run at Krampnitz, but I thought it would be crappy of me not to share them with you.  While I had somehow felt creatively constipated, hanging out at Krampnitz seemed to loosen things up.  Boy was I relieved!  Hope that run lasts!  I really had to squat behind my tripod to take this shot, but that’s what happens in close quarters like these.  I had to wipe, too… since my heavy breathing behind the camera caused some serious condensation all over the LCD screen, making it hard to see what I was doing.  In the end, however, I squeezed out my brackets and this is what I ended up with.  Hope it’s not too corny!

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Literally LOL!

Excellent hyperbole! LOL

This shot gives me “Kramps”. Nicely done. I love the richness of the blues.

Very nice work Jacque!!!! The idea was great

Hahaha, yep I laughed out loud to myself.

Hey folks! Thanks a ton for the comments. It was great to have a little fun with this shot and post, and it made you all smile a bit! Have a great weekend!

Dang, you squeezed out one he’ll of a good shot!