A small measure of peace…

I realize that this is not the typical fare from me, but I felt somehow moved to bring out something a little different for the first workday of the week.  We all need a small measure of peace and beauty  in our lives every once in a while, no?  And so it was for me what I walked into Monet’s beautiful gardens in Giverny, France; I was in the midst of true beauty.  The tripod, however, was in the car!  No worries, my trusty Nikon D700 was more than capable of being handheld while giving me the sweet brackets I needed to bring this shot to you all.  While the weather that day was overcast and wet, I think this shot still allows me to conjure up the inner peace I felt standing in this little slice of heaven.  Hey, it inspired Monet, right?

By the way, I chose the song A Small Measure of Peace, by Hans Zimmer, from his soundtrack for another of my favorite movies, The Last Samurai.

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Wow, incredible colors and reflection Jacques! Definitely a departure, but I very nice one it is!

Wow my friend, this is a different Jacque’s Style, but as goog as your URBEX shot… Love it 🙂

HDR seems appropriate for this location. Nice shot!

Thanks, fellas! I almost did not post this because it seemed to much of a departure from what I prefer to shoot and show folks.

Beautiful shot. Love the framing and splash of color

Wow, you have made my day with this beautiful image!

Thanks a lot, Patrick!

very nice. I wonder how extensive Monet’s gardens were.