The first cut is the deepest…

I posted a shot earlier today that, while pretty, was too sickeningly sweet for my tastes.  So, I’ve decided to post another shot to balance it out.  I would bore you with a bunch of blather, other than to say this is a reprocess and tighter crop of a shot I made back in 2009 (a long time ago when my processing was much more cartoony and way too bright).  The way you see it here is the way it should always have been.  I processed this one the Man in Black’s (Johnny Cash) God’s Gonna Cut You Down.

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Yup, quite the opposite of the previous image! Love the gold tone on the walls and around the windows! Great image Jacques!

Each day you overcome yourself .. 🙂 sorry… did you find the Body? hahaha LOL as Jim say… quite the opposite of the first one 🙂

Cheers my friend

Hey guys! Thanks. I DO know where the body is, but I ain’t tellin’!

Great image Jacques! The other one is pretty nice too, but this definitely has your signature all over it.

Yes. Definitely a Jekyll and Hyde thing going on. Love them both.