upon my liar’s chair

I wasn’t sure what photograph I wanted to post today, nor what it is I wanted to say. That was until I read David duChemin’s blog post, Life is Short.  I felt the sting of what he said like the cold slap of reality he must have intended, and I knew I had to get my initial thoughts down here with the photo you see, as well as with the few  but heartfelt words you are reading now.  As I listened to Johnny Cash share his regrets in his version of Nine Inch Nail’s Hurt, I allowed the lyrics to challenge and convict me.  How often I’ve convinced myself that I was living well, that I was living the life I deserved, and that those whom I loved and loved me deserved.  I’m living a good and honorable life, right?  Afterall, I’m the ruler of my own destiny, right?  I can tell you that I know the answer to those question; I’ve know the answer for years.  But knowing is the “easy” part.  It’s the doing something about it that is hard (that is if you chose to do it without the help of a power far greater than yourself).  I’m tired of waiting until it is too late, until someone I love is gone; until someone who  counts on me is gone.  LIVE, don’t merely exist! Albert Einstein once said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worth living”.  Anything else is just am empire of dirt!

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Jacques, I love, love, LOVE that song, and I have just read David’s post whilst listening to it. Could be said I’ve just had an epithany …… your words too “LIVE, don’t merely exist!” are something that I needed to hear right now …… so THANK YOU!

It’s truly one of my favorite song and it really fit well with what I was trying to say. If my post helps only one person to take a moment to think a little, Im more than satisfied. Thanks so much for the kind words, Viveca.

Really great shot, Jacques. Your compositions, processing and commentary spin pure gold. Keep it coming.

Great song, too. Love Johnny.

Simply awesome! Well done my friend!