’til the darkness turns to light

Someone recently asked me how it was that I “see” what some do not “see” when there are standing in front of the very same photographic subject that I am staring at with them, particularly once they saw the results of my post-processing.  Well, I explained, everyone has their own built-in mental optic through which each of us filters the reality before us.  And, I added, I am often convinced that the more you have peered into the abyss (either by choice or by other circumstances) the more likely it is that you will tend to bring some of that raw emotion to your work; after all, I want others to see what I feel at the moment I click my camera’s shutter, surrounded by the light and darkness battling within me.  Sure, I could probably go out and shoot flowers and other pretty things, but I’d still “see” it in a different way than you do, and I’d have to post-process it accordingly: textured and dark.  That’s why I love URBEX!  The canvas of my mind is there, and all I have to do is paint it with my heart and soul!

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One of your best, an awesome shot, and one that without knowing how you’d captured it could be torn from the pages of Christopher Marlowe or Edgar Allan Poe novel!

Thank you, most sincerely, Alistair. I’m more than humbled by you thoughtful words. I really enjoy this medium to communicate my visions, as they were.

Just amazing work Jacques, and a great post ta boot. Well done!

Simply incredible urbex work. Really enjoyed the writeup as well.

Again, I’m blown away by your work. The image and words both.

Awesome. Looks like the drawing is about to leap out of the wall.

Thanks, guys! I’m in a good place with my photography, and hope the muse stays with me for awhile!

Don´t know how I missed this, thanks for sharing, you did magic here!