Whispered prayers our last resort…

Was not sure if I was going to get around to posting today, but what the hell!  Might as well post this Judas Priest (the song Night Crawler in particular) inspired dark URBEX shot.  It’s a  freakish looking beasty, and certainly not something I’d like to run into in this old Sanatorium in the middle of the night.  This dark creature also reminded me of some of the scary things I used to encounter in my man-cave, with all the lights out and 5.1 theater sound banging loud all about me, while running through the fear inducing levels of such classic games as Doom, Quake, Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

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You need professional help, and quickly! 🙂 On a serious note, I am amazed by your vision.

This is fantastic, Jacques. You really bring the darkness home for anyone who sees your work.

have you considerate to internarte in a sanatorium? … lol I agree with John …. you need some help … hahaha I’m just kidding… BTW is a great Shot… as always

You guys are right, of course. I have a dark mind; too many Clive Barker and Stephen King books as a kid, not to mention I saw things like The Exorcist at a VERY early age, when it first came out; had nightmares for years, and then eventually used my dreams and imagination to generate stories for school, and now use the same darkness for my work.

nice processing and great focal point – top image as always Jaques!

Thank you, Mark!

Another fascinating image but I can’t help wonder if you been channeling Banksy?

I do sure dig Bansky’s work! Wish I had those skills, as I could paint and then photograph my own work, instead of someone else’s.