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Dante’s Prayer

Today’s piece was inspired by Loreena McKennitt’s hauntingly beautiful Dante’s Inferno; take a listen while you look at this photograph if you want a taste of what I was working with while doing my post processing.  As you have no doubt figured out, today’s work is a combination of several photographs, post processing tricks, filters […]

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A… B… C! Always be closing!!

You want to get better at something?  You wanna be the best?  Then you’ve got to remember a rather simple rule:  A.B.C. …always be closing!!  You’ve got to be ready to sell, sell, sell, baby.  Like this great scene from my another of my favorite movies, Glengarry Glen Ross, you’ve got to me on… ALL […]

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’til the darkness turns to light

Someone recently asked me how it was that I “see” what some do not “see” when there are standing in front of the very same photographic subject that I am staring at with them, particularly once they saw the results of my post-processing.  Well, I explained, everyone has their own built-in mental optic through which […]

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here stands an empty house…

…it used to be full of life. I had two different things on my mind when I shot and processed this photograph, and I listened to Loreena Mckennit’s Dante’s Prayer, as well as Alison Moyet’s This House, while post processing.  This particular photograph is actually a vertical panorama, or Vertorama as it is often called.  […]

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I could ask the darkness…

This is another shot from a “newly discoverd”(for me at least) site I visited recently for URBEX, also in former East Germany (they really DO have the coolest URBEX spots).  Several URBEXers call it Sanatorium “G”, so I’ve adopted that name as well.  While I did not have as much time as I would have […]

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