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upon my liar’s chair

I wasn’t sure what photograph I wanted to post today, nor what it is I wanted to say. That was until I read David duChemin’s blog post, Life is Short.  I felt the sting of what he said like the cold slap of reality he must have intended, and I knew I had to get […]

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The first cut is the deepest…

I posted a shot earlier today that, while pretty, was too sickeningly sweet for my tastes.  So, I’ve decided to post another shot to balance it out.  I would bore you with a bunch of blather, other than to say this is a reprocess and tighter crop of a shot I made back in 2009 […]

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A small measure of peace…

I realize that this is not the typical fare from me, but I felt somehow moved to bring out something a little different for the first workday of the week.  We all need a small measure of peace and beauty  in our lives every once in a while, no?  And so it was for me […]

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While we burn it to the ground tonight

I love exploring old abandoned WW II and Cold War military installations, ’cause you never know what you’ll find.  I have a long list of places I have yet to explore here in Germany, though I’ve not nearly exhausted the possibilities at the phenomenal Kaserne Krampnitz.  After WW II, the Russians took control of this […]

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What a relief!

Alright folks.  I know this is a real dump, but I feel deep in my gut that this shot might just bowl you over.  So grab your newspaper, come on in, and take a seat!  I do hope you all don’t feel like I’m dumping too many shots on you from my most recent run […]

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