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Lager 3

I was unsure what to post today, on New Year’s Eve, since I had not shot any fireworks yet (not really into that kind of stuff), so I decided to post a photograph from a day-trip I took to Leipzig, Germany to scout out some potential URBEX locations.  This building was on an old railroad […]

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…its fleece was white as snow, yeah!!

Hey folls!  As promised, I’m keeping things light though the holidays, this time with another landscape shot.  For this one, I’m channeling a little Buddy Guy rocking the blues with Mary had a little Lamb!  I have to admit I’m really lovin’ this little break from my URBEX work.  Hope you all dig it as […]

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I heard the Bells

Show of hands!  How many of you have read Charles Dickens’  A Christmas Carol, or watched any of the many movie versions?  If you have, you almost certainly remember the scene of Ebenezer’s Scrooge’s transformation near the end of the story after  when Ebenezer awakens into his new life following the visit of the Ghost […]

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Merry Christmas!!

Dear friends; it is my sincere wish that all of you are all blessed, abundantly, with health and love now and in the coming year.  May you all love and be loved, unconditionally!  And, may you all be moved to give selflessly, and meaningfully, to someone less fortunate than yourself!  Happy Holidays to all of […]

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And they could never tear us apart…

As we draw closer and closer to Christmas, I’m dedicating today’s post and image to my wonderful wife, who’s put up with my craziness  for the last nineteen years and seven months.  She clearly has the patience of Job, and for that I will remain eternally grateful.  She’s such a great woman and, in the […]

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