How to save a life

In keeping with the Holiday Spirit, I decided to post an image from today’s shoot at Asylum “T” that I believe is more illustrative of today’s subject than than the initial image processed for today.  While processing this photograph, I listened to the fantastic song How to Save a Life, by The Fray.  Some of you may know that this song is based on lead singer Isaac Slade’s experience working as a mentor at a camp for troubled teens, called Shelterwood in Denver, Colorado.  According to a quote on Wikipedia, Slade noted that “one of the youngsters [he] was paired up with was a musician. Here [Slade] was, a protected suburbanite, and [the youngster] was just 17 and had all these problems. He was a recovering addict, coming out of a really tough teenage life. Thankfully, he was on his way out of that life… The song is more of a memoir about his slow motion descent and all the relationships he lost along the way.”  While I’ve never had the opportunity to work with troubled kids, my hat’s off to those who do… to those who take the time to save a life!

N.B. While out on today’s URBEX we came across one of the more unique finds I have ever come across since I started URBEXing: several really old ampules of medical grade morphine!

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Love that color!

This may be my favorite of yours. No wait, yesterday’s is. No … “Till the Darkness” is. Or “Out of Service”. Oh hell … just put them all in a book for me, would you?

The light on the far wall is awesome. Great shot!

Great view of this mural. I’m looking forward to going back to T. with you some day! If not just to take more shots of this great place, but also to return that which I took with me. Urbex-Guilt-Trip. 🙁

Hey Steve; thanks! Look forward to our next shoot there. So much more to explore!