Office Space

For those who’ve watched one of my favorite flicks, Office Space, you’re sure to recall the scene when Bill Lumbergh (wearing that silly looking dress shirt, tie, tie pin, belt and suspenders, and his class ring to boot) walks over to Peter’s desk, coffee mug in hand, throws his right elbow up on top of the cubicle wall, and asks, “Now, are you going to go ahead and have those TPS reports for us this afternoon?”  Just classic!! And so true in most office environments!  I think this Office Space in the old abandoned Asylum “T” could have been a perfect setting for that scene, fotofreq style, no?  If you have not seen the movie, by the way, you really should.  It’s super funny!  I think the German version is called Alles Routine (Everything Routine), though you would most definitely have to see the English version to get the full effect.

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Your command of the tilt lens never ceases to impress me. Perfect processing as well.

I love it when he took his cube apart and knocked down that wall! I feel like that sometimes! Great image. I agree with Brian on the tilt-shift – awesome!

Where’s my stapler? LOL GREAT movie!!

This image is top drawer, if you’ll pardon the pun on this one my friend! You truly are a master of this realm, thanks for sharing.

Brian, Jim, and Toad! You guys rule! Thanks a ton for the kind words. While I would like to think I’m close to mastering my tilt/shift lens, I learn something new each time I use it.

Great pun, Jim. I did wonder when I was there, who dropped their drawers!

Toad beat me to it with the stapler comment. One of my favorite flicks! Great job on the pic!

Excellent as ever. Remind me to give you a tour of the Office Space locations when you make it to Austin. The movie was shot here. I keep looking for Jennifer Aniston but haven’t found her yet.

BTW, did you know that Swingline didn’t make a red stapler at the time the film was made? They released it afterwards since there was such a huge demand. I wonder where the filmmakers got the prop from?

Way cool, Dave! I’d love to have that tour. Had no idea t was filmed in Austin, and that’s some great trivia about the Swingline stapler.