Lost… in daydreams

Got a new for you all, just ’cause I wanted to post something.  I have to admit I do love to shoot URBEX in the winter, particularly when I can get some snow in the shot.  While there is a not a lot of snow in this particular image, there is enough to add some nice glow to the floor of this room, I think.  I processed this one the song Winter Kills by the awesome group Yaz (aka Yazoo); I’ve always loved Alison Moyet’s voice!

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The snow definitely adds a nice element to this shot Jacques. I have to ask. Do you just carry this chair around with you and place it in all these rooms you shoot? Haha

LOL! While I did not have to carry this chair around, I have carried chairs from one end of a large compound to another when necessary. Hard work, I must admit!

It’s a nice touch. The fotofreq’s trademark!

All it needs is a stocking hanging on the windowsill! 🙂

Jacques … I’m loving this shots from this asylum!

Love it! The snow is a great touch. I also liked the snow in the upcoming collab brackets; challenging to keep those parts white.

And thanks for the reminder on Yaz. I haven’t heard them in years! Now I’m compelled to grab one of their albums.

Hey fellas! Thanks for the great words, all. I’m diggin’ the snow in these shots as well. I think I prefer those kind of contrasts to the usual spring, summer or fall shots. Keeping the snow white is not super challenging, but I think it is probably easier now that I am using a Colorchecker Passport on location. I thought it would be a pain to integrate it into my workflow, but it is oh so easy, and gives me the great colors I am after since I’m setting up custom profiles in Lightroom with it now, rather than relying on the default camera profiles Adobe provides.