Just because…

I think I sometimes forget why it is, exactly, that I shoot and post-process what I do, and why I maintain a website.  Is it because I want lot’s of people to come see my pictures and enjoy seeing a bit of what I got to see?  Sure.  Is it because I enjoy reading comments from all of you who drop by?  Absolutely.  So that’s it?  Uh, no!  In the end, I do it for me… just because.  Because I like the calmness I feel when I am out shooting, as well as when I am at home post-processing.  So I suppose I have nothing to really say about today’s shot, other than to say that I photographed it, post-precessed it and posted it… just because.

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This is awesome my friend, just because! :))

This is a great blog, my friend! I REALLY like this photo today, the textures and details are second to none! I really like it, well, just because…!!!

I agree with Scott. It’s a beautiful shot, just because! 🙂

I love the peak into the room in the back! great my friend! I’m glad you liked it…just because! Awesome!

Truly awesome

I’m commenting, just because.

Dang it Bob, that was my comment before I got here!

Outstanding play of light as usual Jacques, what I really enjoy viewing – just because:)

Good for you! (and the rest of us as well)

Love the view through the cylinder. This picture is a work of art.

Hi there, Pastor Steve! Thank very much for the kind words! That one was one of my favorites from that day’s exploration.

Perfect arrangement, and I like the dreamlike pp very much!