Your light will shine when all else fades

Do you remember the scene in the fantastic movie American Beauty where the character, Ricky, shows his girlfriend, Jane, the most beautiful thing he had ever filmed?  Ricky noted it was the day he realized “that there was an entire life behind things”.  I had one of those moments when I shot this last Friday in the attic of old abandoned asylum.  I just stood there and stared as the beautiful and pure snow fell through that small window onto the structure below.  It was pure beauty, and it was powerful.  It reminded me of something that I often forget, that there is a much greater power out there than I m often willing to admit.  I think if I had not been on my explore with someone else I might have just been tempted to pull up an old chair and spend the next few hours watching that power at work.  I processed this photograph to From the Inside Out, by Hillsong United.  Wow!  What powerful lyrics!

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really nice processing – the light is spot on and the tone on the beams rocks – great work Jaques!

Very poignant image, and I love the little footprints in the snow…

Jacques, it is amazing what that Power uses to present itself to us. When it does, all else is irrelevant. Amazing image. The song you processed to is one of the most inspiring songs I know. When I seen the title, I knew the post would be special. You did not disappoint!

This image made my keyboard feel cold! Great mood.

Powerful indeed, for us too. And who/what do you think made those footprints? 🙂

Hey guys! Thanks a million for the comments. This one was really meaningful to me to see, shoot and process. Re the footprints, it may have been a fox, as we found a dead one frozen down the hall from here.

Because you’ve taken the time to share this amazing picture, I can pull up that chair and contemplate the Power with you Jacques! I see here the potential of change from the inside out that brings renewal and beauty to any space in my life. Thanks for sharing.

It reminds me a little of scene from the movie Nosferatu(1979), when a guy shields himself in a corner using salt (white powder, in this case the snow).
An incredible shot!