Nothing and Everything

I think that I have, in the last several days, been engaged in personal exploration, creatively.  That is, I have been searching for personal meaning in the scenes I see before me, and I’ve tried to capture, process and present those images here in a way that is meaningful to me, primarily.  I hope you’ll all continue to indulge me as I continue to explore life this way, which I find much easier to do than writing a novel.  In this particular scene, I was focused on the “nothing”… and the “everything” in our lives; that is, the “nothing” that we sometimes chose to focus on, while allowing the “everything” that matters to take a back seat to watch the show.  It also reminded me of Oscar Wilde’s novel, The Painting of Dorian Gray, in which “man” sacrifices his soul in pursuit of pleasure, only to realize when it was too late that he had chosen… poorly.  His life had had become a disheveled mess (like this table) filled with… nothing, save regret.  Given what I was thinking I wanted illustrate, I chose to process this photograph to the song Nothing and Everything by Red.

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Superb textures and composition.

Of course, the something and nothing verbiage strikes my Zen chords in a good way.

Thanks for the comments Rob! Very glad the piece struck a positive chord with you. Let’s see where the next few weeks take my work.

Man o man, Jacques. I love your work to begin with but these last two images you’ve really upped your game. Truly I love the details and the feel to these images. What really gives them an added element is the notion of someone was here. What were they doing, thinking and feeling. Just like you talked about in your text. Superb.
You’ve have reignited my love of photography again.


Hi Tom. I really do appreciate the very thoughtful comments, and I’m thrilled that the photography and commentary combined to give it some true substance for thought!

Oh My man..!!! I’m impressed with this shot, colors, textures, details, shadows! all! is an excellent photo!

I was going to attempt witty comment, but this image is just too good. Technically, as excellent as usually, of course. While I love being seeing all the places you’ve shown us, this really puts me in the room.

Oh, and you should clean your kitchen before your wife gets home. (couldn’t stop myself) 🙂