I heard the Bells

Show of hands!  How many of you have read Charles Dickens’  A Christmas Carol, or watched any of the many movie versions?  If you have, you almost certainly remember the scene of Ebenezer’s Scrooge’s transformation near the end of the story after  when Ebenezer awakens into his new life following the visit of the Ghost of Christmas Future.  Everything in the world is now new, bright and beautiful to him.  He was reborn.  When I drove past this scene the yesterday with my family I was reminded of that beautiful day of Christmas he did not miss after-all, and I quickly pulled over to capture the scene.  Sadly, I was in such a rush that I forgot to reset my camera’s ISO to 200 from the 500 I had used the day before indoors, so I had to do a little extra cleaning up of the extra noise produced in post-processing when I blended all the brackets together in Photomatix Pro.  While I’m not entirely happy with the final results (specifically, loss of detail on the Berliner Dom), I am satisfied enough to post the result here for you to see.

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you grow up day by day… I love all your work my friend… and this is a gem… :)))) Aswesome shot

Amazing view my friend, so beautiful ! Merry XMas !

So many wonderful elements here, Jacques. Bright, vibrant colors. Awesome reflections. Great framing.

While it’s a departure from our usual ‘unsavory’ subject matter, you still show your photo chops with this beauty.

Unusual to get the landscape scene from the Freq, but a treat it is! Wonderful lines, colors, shapes and reflection! Beautiful shot my friend!

Beautiful shot Jacques. The details and the composition are amazing

Wonderful composition! Love the lighting, reflection and contrasting colors. Brilliant shot, Jacques!

This is a masterpiece. I love the beauty of this image, but you still found a way to add the grit with the graffiti in the lower right. Everything is perfect Jacques, you should be very proud of this one buddy. Happy New Year!!!

Hey guys! It is, indeed, a bit of a departure, though, as Scott pointed out, it does have a dash of grit in there. How could I resist such a scene! It actually reminded me of a shot I took in Venice a few years back that I had posted on flickr. I think I need to try my hand a bit more at city and landscapes.

Hey Jacques, its great to see outside shots. Indeed as it was said here, its a masterpiece.


Really nice cityscape – leading lines of the river to the dome.
Nice highlights and reflectoions on the river too.

While I can’t see close up the dome, I also have a D700 and at that ISO noise would be pretty minimal, so I bet it looks fantastic all the same. As usual, your technical processing is flawless. Love this image. Would love to see you work full size and as fine prints.

Well, you did a really great job cleaning this shot up and it is an amazing image. HO HO HO in July from Paris/Dusseldorf.