…its fleece was white as snow, yeah!!

Hey folls!  As promised, I’m keeping things light though the holidays, this time with another landscape shot.  For this one, I’m channeling a little Buddy Guy rocking the blues with Mary had a little Lamb!  I have to admit I’m really lovin’ this little break from my URBEX work.  Hope you all dig it as well!

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Ooo – nice exposure control on this one. Please tell us you got it right in the camera and didn’t just boost the exposure a stop or two in Lightroom afterwards? 🙂 BTW, this makes me feel rather homesick. You don’t see too much snow or too many sheep in Texas.

Fantastic image Jacque. Really loving your break from Urbex to see your style in different areas.

I saw the tweet, and now had a chance to read the content. Great image! Big BG fan here. The guy doesn’t age. He is amazing.

Wonderful shot! I’m really diggin’ your landscape pics. What’s with the green paint on the sheep bottoms? Is it a form of marking? Guess branding is out with all that wool!

Hey guys! Truth be told, I could have done this with one exposure, but I would have had to use off camera flash to get the sheep exposed correctly. In this shot, I used 5 brackets, though that was overkill given the fact that the dynamic range was not very high with the overcast sky. I could also have done this with 2 exposures: one at +1 to expose for the snow, and the other at +2 to expose for the sheep.

Really glad you all are liking the landscape work, because I think I’m going to do more of that, mixed in with my regular URBEX fare.

Regarding the green paint, the shepherd told me that he marks all the males with a different color so when he puts them in one of his fields to mate with the females, he knows which males mated with which group of females.

This is great, Jacques! Love the contrast between the snow and the grass/hay those cute little lambs are munching on!

Lovely pic Jacques, always nice to do something a little different every now and then. Hope you had a great Xmas and hope you have a prosperous new year too. Nice one. 🙂

WOW! This is stunning! A wonderful diversion from Urbex! Looking forward to seeing what you do in 2011!

Hey Heath: Speaking of cute lambs, the farmer said there were several born just the night before. If we’d had more time, I might have tried to get over there with my kids to ooh and ahh at them!

Dave: Thanks, man! It sure is nice to mix it up a bit, and I’m sure having fun doing that. I had a wonderful Christmas, by the way, and hope you did as well.

Bob: As always, thank you! Always great to see you here, on your site and on twitter. We need to catch up soon, my man!