Lager 3

I was unsure what to post today, on New Year’s Eve, since I had not shot any fireworks yet (not really into that kind of stuff), so I decided to post a photograph from a day-trip I took to Leipzig, Germany to scout out some potential URBEX locations.  This building was on an old railroad track, right next to a really cool, old abandoned indoor railroad turntable I was unable to access.  All I could do was peek through the dirty windows at the several old engines, all covered with dust, just begging for me to shoot them.  I still hope to get back there one day to see if I can figure out who I need to schmooze to gain access for a bit!

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Nice. Love the composition and processing!
Happy New Year, my friend!

GREAT image Jacques! This one is very dramatic and speaks to me.

Thanks for everything you’ve done for the community and myself this year, my friend, it’s appreciated beyond words. I am hoping that you and your family have a fantastic New Year and I look forward to following your work in 2011! Cheers, my friend!

Nicely processed, like the light on the wall at the bottom very much

Gentlemen, thank you! And a very Happy 2011 to you three as well, Bob, Toad and Mark!!