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Did I mention how much fun I’ve been having just running and gunning with my fabulous little Leica D-Lux 5?  Man, what freedom to create one has when not weighed down by a ton of gear.  Sure, I still love my big guns, but this with my Leica I feel like the light cavalry charging […]

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Going with the flow

I’ve grown a bit bored with HDR, believe it or not, which is why you’ve not seen me post for several days.  I’ve also grown a bit bored with shooting URBEX, believe it or not.  Still, I have been out shooting URBEX recently, though I’ve explored more of the details I see than I have […]

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What’s wrong with this picture?

Word on the streets amongst URBEXers here in the Berlin area is that Asylum “T”, a new favorite place for my explorations, is scheduled to be torn town sometime this summer.  Oh sad day indeed! I wonder what will be built in its place?  In the meanwhile, I plan to hit this location as much […]

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A Bridge to Freedom

Remember the Cold War?  Well, if you are at all interested in that part of history, then you may have heard of Glienecke Bridge (Glienecker Brücke in German), one of the few places in the world where Blue and Red stood toe-to-toe.  This bridge to freedom, which spans the Havel river between Berlin (on the […]

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See the Sun

Had a fantastic day with my amazing wife and daughters in the middle of Berlin today, winding things down by looking up into the roof dome of the Sony Center as the sun was setting.  Man do I ever love this kind of light to work with!  Sure was glad I’d brought my little Leica […]

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