My eyes seek reality…

How many times have we walked past a homeless person, perhaps living under a bridge such as this one, not even taking a moment to acknowledge their existence.  We just, walk on by.  These nameless, faceless people, curled up, huddled under blankets against the cold bitter world outside.  When I just walk by, I spend days thinking about what I could have done, what I should have done.  But I can’t make a difference, can I?  I’m just one man, right?  Sure, I could fold a few Euros into his or her hand, but then I wonder if they’ll spend that money on something they really need, like food or clothing, or something else.  Maybe those are some of the things they need, but I often believe there is something we can give: a moment of our time, a moment of  acknowledgment, of caring, and, very importantly, respect.  Perhaps the next time someone reaches his or her hand out, I should not fear to take it.  Take it, hold it firmly, and give my fellow man one of the most precious and finite gifts I can: my time!

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So creepy I love it!

Love the image…and the sentiment. Sometimes though, that hand isn’t asking to be held or for your time…it’s needing some money 🙂

I recently moved to downtown Phoenix, so I’m hit with the homeless community a lot, and I find just being a bit loose with my wallet and change helps me do my part at least for these people who I usually just ignore.

Thanks, Scott and Mike. You’re right, Mike. A lot of the time it is just asking for money. But I “feel” like if I’m going to give some money, I “need” to take a moment to connect with that person at a human level, rather than just at a “transactional” (is that even a word) level. It’s just something I’ve been reflecting on of late, and I could be waaaaay off the mark.

Jacques, I agree with you wholeheartedly. And Mike, I agree with you as well, but, As I’ve always told my kids – everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone takes the time to listen. OK, enough philosophizing. Jacques – GREAT SHOT! 🙂

The purple man is freaky. Excellet work!

Absolutely GORGEOUS. I love this shot, and you are so right about everything you wrote. Thankfully we don’t see many homeless here, but it only makes it that much more disturbing/heartbreaking when I do.

Great pic and post Jacques! We are all children of God regardless of where we are on the totem pole. Compassion is a great offering! Well done!

The work would stand on its own even without the commentary but one of the reasons why I love coming to your site is to get your thoughts on the image you took. It isn’t always about the technical. The sentiment behind the image humanizes what could be seen as a cold and ugly image..

I love it, man. Rock it out always.

Love it…!!!

Phenomenal work and writing Jacques.

Wow, that’s an amazing pic! I, like Brian said, love your commentary on it. I think that added a ton to the post. Keep it up!

BTW, I watched your HDR tuturial yesterday and it taught me quite a bit. Wanted to throw a thank you out there! I’m using part of it in my post today. Thanks again!

Great shot Jacques and well written post.

Superb image – you’ve got the focal point spot on with the bar of in focus through the image.
Agree with Brian – youve a knack of sharing some emotion of each image which makes it all the more interesting to read your blog.

I really appreciate all the great comments, guys! I was going to post something new yesterday, but decided to watch a few episodes of “The Pacific” (one of the Christmas presents from my wife and daughters). What a great mini-series! Glad I waited to watch it until it came out on DVD, ’cause I can watch several episodes back-to-back rather than waiting a week for a new episode!