One step closer to knowing…

One of the things I love so much about Urban Exploration is the feeling of discovery — of the forgotten, the unknown.  Around every corner, down every dark hall, and at the top of every staircase something waits for you to find it.  Or is it waiting to find you?

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Great light Jacques.

I loft the softness and the warm tones of this image. Nicely done!

Masterful play with light, my man. Love it.

amazing as Always… I love how you can see soft light insight those rooms upstairs and down stairs…. Simple Amazing my friend….

Great contrast Jacques. Very well done!

Yet another great image as produced by you, good sir! This is amazing; I love the photo, but I also love the way you write your blogs and draw the visitor into the entire scene. Well done, this is fantastic…. way to set another bar that we can all try and rise to.

You had me at “Stairs”.
It gets the “Stair Whisperer’s seal of approval”.

Seriously, Great image. Well composed and expertly processed. Duh!