The Chillin’ Place

If you have not already figured it out yet, I LOVE music.  And I LOVE using music to put me in the right mood as I edit my photographs.  When my buddy in Hamburg showed me this place, I immediately knew I had to share it with you all, and I knew exactly what kind of music I’d use to process it:  Lounge or Chill.  Even now, as I listen to Blank and Jones’ Florent 2 a.m., I feel like I’m sitting in that cool lounge just chillin’ out after a long day and night.  Blank and Jones sure do dish out some awsome tunes, if you are looking to relax!

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Jacques, I love your work. This is a brilliant image my friend.

Jacques, your processing is spot on here sir. I also like how you left the green sign in the frame in top left. I think it’s terribly cool that every now and then you show us something other than urbex, and how you prove to be excellent at any and all of them! Well done my friend!

You’ve done a good job on this one – nice warm tones and it looks like a relaxing place!

I’m digging the perspective on this one! Also, it feels so warm and cozy… makes me want to sleep! Great shot!

Thank you, friends!! What’s really cool about that place is that it used to be a city water tower, and now it has been turned into an amazing hotel. They have some cool ambient sounds of dripping water going all around to add to the atmosphere, and did a great job of blending the original walls of the tower with the rest of the construction.

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