Superman wuz here!!

Sorry, Superman!  Phone booths like this one are few and far between these days.  But don’t worry, I captured it here for you, so jump on in before the kryptonite outside the booth gets ya! And that is the look I was hoping to convey in this shot.  Not my typical style, but I gave myself permission to play in this one.  Not the best work I’ve done, but it’ll have to do for today.  Enjoy!

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Awesome as usual, Jacques. Love the detail on the inside of the booth and blurr on the outside.

Awesome! Antiques they are! Great image!

I love how you processed this one! Very awesome!

Wow! Nothing more to say than … Wow! 🙂

This is completely fantastic my friend, I LOVE it!!

Mind-blowing image! Phone off the hook – absolutely classic!