A Bridge to Freedom

Remember the Cold War?  Well, if you are at all interested in that part of history, then you may have heard of Glienecke Bridge (Glienecker Brücke in German), one of the few places in the world where Blue and Red stood toe-to-toe.  This bridge to freedom, which spans the Havel river between Berlin (on the far side of this photo) and Potsdam (where I stood to take this shot) was also known as the “Bridge of Spies”, a place the U.S. and Russian would sometimes meet up to swap spies.

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Fabulous work my friend! Perfect job on the post processing, definitely one of your more compelling pieces!! I love it.

Really nice crisp image Jacques – I’m liking the misty bit under the first arch in the distance.

Thanks, Gentlemen!

Excellent processing; this looks great.

Wow. Exceptional processing and composition on this. Love it.

Love the texture and color. Top-notch processing, my friend.

Stunning shot!

Whoa, cool! The ‘Freq does landscapes! And very well I might add. I’m loving the detail in the stonework on the left, along with everything else in here.

As usual, Jacques, you present a fantastic image. I am agreeing with Rob on the detail all the way through the shot. Impressive!

Wonderful shot, thanks for sharing.

Super composition and post processing. The write up isn’t too shabby either! Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Great image and great history! Nice mix Jacques!

Beautiful shot Jacques

Great shot! Even greater when you have some history to go with the image!!

I absolutely love this image. Great detail. Great perspective! Awesome job, Jacques!

Beautiful landscape and love how you processed it. I look forward to seeing more landscape photos in the future.

Excellent colors and lines. And interesting background info!

Thanks again folks! I really am glad many of you dig this one, another shot that is outside my typical fare.