What’s wrong with this picture?

Word on the streets amongst URBEXers here in the Berlin area is that Asylum “T”, a new favorite place for my explorations, is scheduled to be torn town sometime this summer.  Oh sad day indeed! I wonder what will be built in its place?  In the meanwhile, I plan to hit this location as much as I can before that day comes, and I’ll share some of my favorite shots of that place here with you all.  In today’s shot, I’ve decided to process this in a way meant to throw your perceptions for a loop, as I continue to give myself permission to play.  Look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

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I wouldn’t say anything is wrong with it, it’s just very different :-). Looks like you added a layer (or layers) of FocalPoint and then painted the layer out at different areas in the image. The only place I’m not so sure this worked is the object on the ground in the bottom left. I like the effect on the window in the back and the door on the right, but the object on the ground just doesn’t seem to fit in. Maybe because of it’s proximity to the blurred chair right next to it? It just looks like you grabbed the object off the internet and dropped it into a blurred image. I have thought about creating multiple focal points before, and this is definitely food for thought. Keep ’em coming Jacques!

definitely a different approach than what i’m used to seeing you do with urbex shots but still a very awesome, well processed shot!

Intriguing. I love the way you’ve thrown the chair out of focus!

I actually like this picture… it’s not nec. correct, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s your artistic creativity at work! I just have one question? Who the frak paints an entire room orange? Were they trying to torture their patients!? 😛

On a side note, does anyone know where the closest abandoned Asylum is from Montana? 😀

What’s wrong is you kept the window, door and whatever else is leaning on the left wall clear, and you blurred everything else. There’s no way you can have all three areas SEPARATELY be clear when taking the shot. Or you added those elements into the photo and they were never really there to begin with. It’s most likely the latter, since why would you take a photo completely burry intentionally? Definitely a ‘tromp l’oi’ going on here! Nice!

Im going to agree with Liz. Three different zones with sharp objects are not allowed… its the law 🙂

Nice exercise though,

This is wonderful!

Obviously I can see what you’ve done to accentuate the different parts of the image. However I’m not sure that I’m that keen on it. If two planes in the image are in focus I think it kinda works or having the focus fade from L>R etc, but having individual items isn’t so cool.

All in my opinion of course – horses for courses and that.

What’s wrong with it? Jacques blew a chair out of focus, rather than making it the focus! Weird.

Hey there, friends. Thanks for the comments, all. I tried to process in a way that would make people less comfortable with than the usual fare of images you see. The three elements in focus, should not be, as the are all on separate planes, while the chair (the main subject – or is it?) is not in focus.

Not much to say that hasn’t already been said above, however, I’m not a believer in one thing being allowed and another not, it’s all art in how the artist sees it.

Wrong? Wrong? What is this thing called ‘wrong,’ anyway? 🙂

I don’t think it’s ever wrong to get creative and experiment with different techniques and perspectives. Whether it works or not depends on the point of view of whoever sees the image. Some won’t like it, some will, and that’s the beauty of it.

In this case, the image *really* works for me; it’s an asylum, after all, and I don’t want to feel comfortable or normal if I’m well transported into the scene. I want to feel off-center, as though reality is not a well defined thing. (And it’s not, but I won’t harp here.) I find my eyes trying to work the image like one of those cross-your-eyes 3D stereograms, never really able to determine where to pull focus. In that way, it’s truly disorienting… and perfect.

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