Going with the flow

I’ve grown a bit bored with HDR, believe it or not, which is why you’ve not seen me post for several days.  I’ve also grown a bit bored with shooting URBEX, believe it or not.  Still, I have been out shooting URBEX recently, though I’ve explored more of the details I see than I have done in the past.  My 90mm Macro lens is perfect for that, and here is an example of some of what I shot during last last Saturday’s explore at Asylum “T”, in former East Germany.

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Perhaps you’ve just been doing too much of it lately and that is why you feel bored with it. I think we all feel like this time to time, I know I have. The thing I find best is to go out and shoot a totally different subject, or just take a week off. A rest can be good for the mind. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest. I’m sure your love for HDR and urbex will soon return. “Absence make the heart grow fonder”, as they say.
Like the close-up shot here. Always good to focus on the details.

Jacques, I like to term images similar to yours here as “found objects” images. I am fascinated by the details of small objects that are found in our world, when you realize that any large scene can be sub-divided in to multiple interesting images of otherwise unnoticed objects. I never tire of viewing your images

Jacques, I don’t necessarily get bored with HDR, but that may be because I take my camera with me and shoot in manual quite a bit just to keep my practice up. It helps in making HDR more fun when I do it. Composition and exposure is still key regardless of the style, and you’ve proven that here! Excellent comp and great processing! Well done!

This is really a unique image Jacques! I really enjoy it.

Love this shot…hopefully you keep posting them and the boredom passes!

Another great image, whether its HDR or not. I can’t say I’m bored with HDR, but I do find that my processing style has evolved to the point where sometimes I wonder why I even processed a particular image in HDR. Keep shooting. The funk will pass.

Nice shot! I hope this passes as I enjoy looking at your images!

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