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Superman wuz here!!

Sorry, Superman!  Phone booths like this one are few and far between these days.  But don’t worry, I captured it here for you, so jump on in before the kryptonite outside the booth gets ya! And that is the look I was hoping to convey in this shot.  Not my typical style, but I gave […]

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Have you seen my Mommy?

I’m always looking to improve as a photographer, and you should too!  For me, that means breaking away for a spell from HDR, and trying something different.  I promised myself that, over the next year, I would make the time to learn as much as I could about off-camera lighting, and I would use the […]

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The Chillin’ Place

If you have not already figured it out yet, I LOVE music.  And I LOVE using music to put me in the right mood as I edit my photographs.  When my buddy in Hamburg showed me this place, I immediately knew I had to share it with you all, and I knew exactly what kind […]

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Where I felt the presence of God

This afternoon, my daughter and I took the dog down to this frozen lake for a walk.  I sure was glad that I had tucked my small Leica D-Lux 5 camera into my pocket, because what we beheld there was heavenly.  The colorful sky, the cotton-candy like clouds, the mist surrounding us…  pure beauty …pure […]

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The Money Shot

Urban Exploration at Asylum “T” is really money!  I mean, seriously.  There are so many great things to photograph that it should be a crime; like stealing candy from a baby.  And that’s exactly how I felt when I rolled up onto this tasty treat, an old abandoned cash register.  Ka-Ching! Good thing I’m not […]

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